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Ellice Kaminsky, Founder and owner of Thousand Oaks Financial Inc.

Ellice Kaminsky, Founder and owner of Thousand Oaks Financial Inc.

Tel: 510 559 3330 ext 102
Fax: 510 559 3395

Ellice grew up in New York and moved to the Bay Area to attend the University of California at Berkeley. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the department of dramatic arts, with an emphasis in dance.

After several years of teaching and performing as a dancer in the Bay Area, Ellice embarked on her career in real estate. From 1977 until 1993, she was a successful real estate agent in the Berkeley-Oakland area. This proved to be an excellent foundation for the next phase of her career in the mortgage loan origination business.

Ellice began working in the mortgage industry in 1993, and created Thousand Oaks Financial Inc. in 2000. Ellice has maintained the original vision of Thousand Oaks Financial Inc.: while it has grown, it still retains the feeling of an individually owned and operated neighborhood business.

In her free time, Ellice is an avid golfer, and loves to travel and work on her French skills. She has the opportunity to hone her language skills during yearly visits to see her husband's family in the French Alps.


"Ellice was courteous, professional and reliable throughout our dealings. We're grateful for her help."

"Ellice was on top of everything. The process was amazingly easy and stress free."

"Ellice was fabulous! I recommend her every chance I get. Thank you for getting me the best loan around."

"Belated thanks for your time and expertise. Our visit was just what I needed. (You are very wise, and good at what you do.) Rest assured, I'll be joining [my friends] in singing your praises." - YB

"Thank you very much for referring me to Ellice Kaminsky. She was a total pleasure to work with--personable, efficient, and money-saving! This was the easiest financial transaction involving real estate that I've ever experienced. She matched BofA's rates, which were the lowest I could find, and she saved me more than $10,000 in fees. In spite of my damaged FICO score, Ellice found a loan for me with great terms and very little paperwork. When we ran into little issues, she figured out ways to resolve them. She most definitely went the extra mile." - MC

"Ellice, I really appreciated your letter and have followed through on, not quite all of it but I will. I don't know if I have ever thanked you enough for the quality of person you are and the service you provide. I always felt that I was in very respectable hands. Not that my situation was financially that complex but you have always served me very well and very honestly." - SV


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